SERENO® is our young and dynamic brand. It offers very special designs, made of mouth-blown and hand-painted glass as well as complex creations of the most diverse materials.

In addition to our brands Christborn® and Oberfränkische Glas®, it offers progressive and unconventional ornaments. Here you will find, among others, the legendary Porsche 911 as well as famous characters from the world of Disney.

At SERENO® we are supported by a long-standing and extensive network of designers and creatives in the US.

In addition, we also have our own design and development department in Hong Kong, with our subsidiary Weihnachtsland Far East Ltd., which gives us a high degree of flexibility in being able to respond to customer-specific wishes.

As an innovative pioneer, with SERENO® Customized we are able to create any imaginable template, trademark or product true to the original – of course also mouth-blown, hand-painted and (hand-) made of glass.
Made in China
Our SERENO® brand is supported by our long-established subsidiary, Weihnachtsland Far East Ltd., in Hong Kong .

Thanks to the production capacities of long-standing Chinese business partners, we are able to realize large quantities at highly attractive prices.

This ensures our commitment to our high quality promise: hand-blown glass, painted and decorated by hand.