With our innovative brand Christborn®, we give new luster to old traditions by translating selected trends from fashion and design into modern collections. 

With our innovative brand Christborn®, we give new luster to old traditions by translating selected trends from fashion and design into modern collections. 

As a trendsetter, we are constantly setting new standards and always remain true to our credo:  
“Sophistication comes from combining style and craftsmanship.”

Waltraud Wegner – Head of Design & Marketing

Every piece of art and jewelry from Christborn® expresses this through our commitment to the highest quality, innovation and craftsmanship.
Tradition meets innovation – values that last for generations
As family and a family business, we have committed ourselves to preserving a valuable cultural asset in order to preserve it for future generations.

Our high-quality Christmas decorations, made of hand-blown and hand-painted glass, have been bringing light and warmth to the dark winter and festive Christmas season for generations.

Our self-conception for highest quality made in Germany and German craftsmanship would completely contradict an industrial production of machine balls.

That is why, we still rely on traditional handicraft techniques today. 
Despite our belief in keeping traditions, we are just as proud of our culture of innovation and have over 220 brilliant colours and well over 10,000 unique designs and shapes.

Our designers are always inspired by the latest developments in fashion and lifestyle, setting extraordinary new trends and standards year after year.
Craftsmanship – Made in Germany
Every glass ball and every ornament of Christborn® is made exclusively from mouth-blown glass and by hand in our manufactory in Dörfles-Esbach near Coburg in Germany.

We use wafer-thin glass bulbs as raw material. 
Experienced glassblowers heat these blanks in front of a flame and blow them up freely into glass balls and ornaments - including bells, icicles or tree toppers.

Even more complex figures and ornaments, such as stars, hearts, birds or angels, are blown into special metal or ceramic molds. 

Such patterns, and the corresponding tools, are designed in our development and design department. 
Also highly unique world-wide are our ornaments painted with 24 carat real gold, creating golden moments for an unforgettable Christmas.

The blown ornament are refined with pure silver from the inside, giving them their wonderful shine. 
They are then colored and finally painted and elaborately decorated. With many different, unusual materials, including genuine Swarovski® crystals.

All this is done by hand in our manufactory in Doerfles-Esbach near Coburg in Germany.
Manufactory – Made in Germany
We proudly count ourselves among the last keepers of a traditional legacy of craftsmanship, which is increasingly considered a precious rarity, especially in the industrial and digital age.

However, the combination of rapidly rising production costs in Germany and the unstoppable shortage of skilled workers is becoming an ever greater challenge.

Due to limited production capacities, our manufacturing focus in Germany lies exclusively on particularly complicated and complex balls and ornaments of our Christborn® brand. 

That is why the production of our Christborn® jewels are extremely exclusive and limited.