Oberfränkische Glas®

With our traditional brand Oberfränkische Glas®, we have committed ourselves to the classic Christmas tradition.
Committed to quality from tradition and an eye for unique works of art has always been the highest maxim
of Oberfränkische Glas®

With our unique palette of over 220 brilliant colors, we leave no design wishes unfulfilled.
Designed in Germany and (hand-) Made in Europe.
Craftsmanship – Made in Europe
However, due to our long-established experience as family entrepreneurs over generations, we are aware of the risks of the continuing shortage of skilled workers.

This is why Weihnachtsland GmbH became active in other European countries at an early stage.

Through regular exchanges, our long-experienced specialists (i.e. glassblowers and painters) at the Doerfles-Esbach manufactory in Germany also train the next generation of workers at our European production facilities.

The progress and quality of these production sites are regularly checked by us and our experts. 
This helps us to achieve a consistently high quality of the articles planned and developed at our German headquarters in advance.

This has enabled us to meet the annually increasing high demand of our unique products.